water provides liquid alkalinity, at the proper pH to be instantly absorbed at cellular level, reducing cardio-respiratory stress and blood lactate responses, automatically increasing muscle power and performance. By drinking it regularly, water  makes ionic calcium available for the body, contributing for efficient immunological defense, anti-aging processes, high bone densitydigestive health and fat elimination.

Unlike molecularly unstable electrolysis, such as that generated by expensive electricity induced systems, or high sodium content alkaline waters, available in the market today, water patented technology by Alkapuro produces hexagonal ionic calcium complexes that makes it unique and without comparisons.

Dr. Walter Willett - Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, in his book 'Eat, Drink and Be Healthy' published evidence behind a water alkalinity principle.

Other scientific publications arriving at same principle are 'The Calcium Factor' written by the chemist Robert Barefoot, and 'Alkalize or Die' by Theodore Baroody - PhD in Nutrition.